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Unique organic coffee's sourced from small farms, micro-roasted, and delivered to you.

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Zapata's Electo

Organic coffee sourced from small co-ops in Southern Mexico.

Medium Light Roast

Origin: Mexico

Region: Oaxaca, Santiago Zacatapec Mixes

Altitude:1400 - 1900 meters

Processing: Washed, Fermented in drums and air dried on patio or tarp

Roasted Notes: Hints of Chocolate, Almond, and Lime

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Kings Koffee is a micro-roaster providing
organic single origin coffee offerings

The Sultan

Organic Sumatra coffee sourced from small family-owned farms.

Dark Roast

Origin: Island of Sumatra

Region: Aceh (Northern Sumatra)

Altitude: 1300- 1500 meters

Processing : Wet Hulled

Cupping Notes: Rustic, Heavy Body, Peach, & Tobacco

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Blacksmith Blend

50/50 Dark Roast

Henreys Reserve

Tennessee Whiskey Smoked