The Rules

The King Has A Few "Rules" When It Comes To Enjoying A Great Cup Of Coffee!

1. Coffee should be ground, then drank shortly thereafter.

2.  It is forbidden to grind Coffee the night before you brew it, get up a few minutes earlier.

3. The King approves the use of filtered water...not bottled water.

4. All subjects shall use white coffee filters.

5. The King drinks his Coffee Black, you should too (Cream & Sugar is for Anarchists).

The Rules Explained

1. Whole Bean coffee should be used if possible and ground just before drinking. When coffee is ground is starts to degas rapidly and shows signs of going stale within 30 minutes. Thus grinding, brewing, & drinking right away will give you the best tasting and freshest coffee possible.

2. Many coffee drinkers, to save time, will grind up their coffee at night, place it in the coffee maker and set the timer for in the morning. That way when they wake they have a fresh cup of coffee. Well, as discussed in rule #1, what you actually have is a stale cup of coffee. So...get up 10 minutes early, grind, brew, and enjoy a truly fresh cup of coffee.

3. Here comes the science...Bottled water contains little to no hard compounds in it. Coffee at a molecular level needs hard compounds to bond to, to give it that great taste. Filtered water has plenty hard compounds.

4. Just a bit more science...Natural filters (the brown ones) can give your coffee a slight paper or pulp taste. Bleached White filters contain no odors and therefore they do not affect the taste of the coffee.

5. You can drink it however you like. However, the whole reason you started putting cream and sugar into your coffee was to try and change bad coffee into good coffee, and somewhere along the way you became lost. To truly taste what good coffee is supposed to be, try a cup of the King's black.