About Us

Kings Koffee is a coffee micro-roaster based in Allen, Texas. We specialize in single-origin coffee roasts, which is to say we do not offer Coffee Blends at this time. In addition to our single origin offerings, we only roast small batches. Small batch roasting allows us to keep control of our quality and contain our bean loss in the event that one of our roasts does not produce according to our standards. Because we only roast single origins and in small lots, our sales model is based on a limited amount of finished product being available for purchase. Once it is roasted, and all of it is sold we move on to our next single origin product. This system allows us to keep our product waste to a minimum; our cost lower, and provides our customers with unique and fresh coffee.

What Makes Us Different from Large Retail Roasters:

As with any type of produce, coffee crops have cycles. These cycles are what allow us to obtain different coffees at different times of the year, which means we can offer coffees to our customers that large retailers cannot. The “Big Boys” order millions of pounds of the same coffee every year from massive “Estate” coffee plantations. Smaller coffee farms that offer rare and interesting coffees are skipped over because they cannot produce enough beans to satisfy the demand of large roasters. This means that King's Koffee can purchase these smaller farmers product and offer a unique creation to our customers.

Our Standards:

The “Green Coffee” that King's sources and roasts is typically rated at 83 points or higher. As an industry standard any green coffee that carries the rating of 80 points or higher from the National Coffee Association is considered to be a gourmet coffee bean. Once roasted any drinkable coffee that scores at 90 points or higher is registered as a gourmet brewed coffee. Typically coffee purchased at a grocery store is not even considered or rated, and of the ones from the large retailers such as Star****s receive drinkable ratings of 80 to 83 points.